New Arabella {Ultra Curvy} Shape Version

For those who got my dinky little Arabella Petite* Shape as my REZZ-day giftie..this is the taller, more voluptuous version which I promiced I would release.   Lovely features on this shape & a little more high impact sultriness. Pow-wow* :p. STYLING details included (as always) if you like this particular look. Find Arabella {Ultra Curvy} shape here.  Skin is Lara Hurley Skin. Pose is Everglow.  Lingerie Blacklace (TOSL @ Weekend sans feather). 

[Daily Witterings]:

My next skin purchase is gonna be Curio.  I tried on a few DEMOS yesturday…gorgeous, sheeny shiny skins.  The soft subtle shades in particular knocked me out.  But for the moment, I have had a request from a Buyer to create an Oriental that will be the next thing…her name will be Kanari* which means considerably (pretty  for sure), fairly (curvy perhaps?), and quite (stunning of course) heh ;).  Am sure Confucius would have a better explanation for the meaning of Kanari* but for now, it will be Kanari* aka a considerably pretty, fairly curvy and most certainly quite a stunning shape ;).  (Coming soon…. if I can find the right skin…always a toughie that one ;)).


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