Sweet Amariah* Skin + Hot Mood* Rose Hunt Giftie

This Amariah Skin in Pale is soo sweet & adorable I thought I would ring the changes a little and make a feature of it especially as it is a snip at $120!  Bargain!  Not much to ask for such good quality & it’s encouraging to support lesser known brands.  I loved the gentle personality seen in this skin..you either want to cuddle her or make her your best friend!  Anyway, great skin if you are on a tight budget & want to look pretty & unique or it may even suit a teen look!

 I am currently on the Rose Hunt and picked up some super gifts, like the pink Hot Mood Pink Dress. Sweet!  Earrings are DWB (also in Rose Hunt).    The  Shape is Arabella {Ultra Curvy} which is New @ Curvy Silhouettes Shapes.  (Some of you might recall the diddy little petite version I released for my REZZ-day.  Well this is the voluptuous Ultra Curvy Version!). Rae hair in Champagne is Hair SolutionsBangles were free Sea HoleCosmic Dream Eyes are Poetic Colors. Sweet Lashes are by *ByKay* .Poses Everglow. .aww…isn’t she just adorable?!

I need a tipple. It is Bank Holiday in England and I have an erratic family I have been trying to contact.  Nightmare.


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