FLS Skin @ AtomicBambi

Extraordinarly good skin on the FLS Hunt..and super generous contribution from AtomicBambi.  You will also find a nice pair of sandle wedges in the shop which are also part of the same FLS Hunt.  I used a very dinky little shape created for my REZZ-day (Arabella* Petite Shape @ Curvy Silhouettes Shapes).  Arabella* Shape was on limited offer for a day but I will release a taller/model-style version soon).   Arabella’s features really suited this skin so I think Atomic must be diddy too ;)))).  Earrings are from the lovely Mandala ($50 for today).  Choice of colors and amazing value from this clever designer.  Leather Tube Black Bracelets are from the talented YABU (see the bracelets close up  at Yabu Blog Spot! ).  Incidently, Yabusaka Loon of YABU has fabby Sculpted Jewellery Sets for Creators/Designers which you can purchase full-perm. I have them & they are very sexy sculpts & come fully textured with tons of sculpted & practical applications.  A must have for all aspiring jewellery creators out there! Incredible value too!  Black Bodysuit is *LP* Designs.  Lashes *ByKay*.  All Poses Dont Freak Out!

Whoops! Wonky lashes!  Giggles* :))


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