Indyra Originals @ ICON

Great dress @ the ICONICALLY SEXY Summer Hunt. I haven’t been able to get much cos of lagging issues but I suspect most are now widely blogged so you can see what’s available.  I loved this outfit from Indyra Originals.  (See below).  Incidently, many apologies if I inadvertently drew attention to someone who gave a tip on an item.  My bad.  I should have checked it was ok to mention them beforehand.  By trying to do the right thing I did the wrong thing sadly :(.  Anyway, dress in full below.  Skin Lara Skin, Clarissa  Hair @ Hair Solutions. HANA* Shape @ Curvy Silhouettes Shapes. Poses are |”Don’t Freak Out!”


2 thoughts on “Indyra Originals @ ICON

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