Redheads rock…

Here is the thing..I fell in love with pretty “red tressley hair” ever since  Juliane Moore hit the big screen..since then my passion for red hair is irrevocable…Julianne is beautiful, sassy, funny &  sexy (and of course married to that amazing director, Bart Freundlich).  “Trust the Man” is still one of my favorite movies….it has a rather cringe-worthy ending (I usually have to leave the room to make tea for the last scene…hehe) but I still love the movie not least cos of those mesmerizing pouty lips on David Duchnovny.  It is rare for a man to have such a sexy, quivering  “fuller” lower lip! Oooo…:). The gorgeous *Maiflower Dress* in Earth above from Apple May Designs and is a “smart dress” can adjust it for sitting positions etc.  Way clever! Ty Apple!  The beautiful hair is the new *Keyanne* in Cinnaberry @ Hair Solutions. Red hair can never get better than this – check out those shimmery highlights!  Skin is Eva @ Tuli.  Shape Chloe @ Curvy Silhouettes Shapes.  Poses Everglow. Rose Necklace is Group Gift at ((Crystal line)).  Bottom rug is a Subscribo Gift @ Croire. Frame is free @ Chronokrit.  What else…oh..the stockings are part of the Rhapsody lingerie set @ Indi Designs.  Jamie does incredible lingerie…super stylish pieces which I love.  Tuxedo Shoes Lemania Indigo Designs.  See fuller pic below…PS>The backdrop textures are by Khan Omizu @ [KO] Texture House.


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