Sexy :Glance: *Freida* Skin (SuperElite Hunt Giftie) + :Shag Hair:

This sultry Freida Skin is one of the promotional gifts you will find in a niche little SuperElite*  Hunt @ Glance on the Fashionista SIM.    The SuperElite hunt is small though the gifts exceptional.  Find the hunt items @ Glance, PurpleMoon and Aisling Sinclair & MEB to name but a few (more designers to be added in next 2 weeks I believe!).   You are looking for a set of *sunglasses* (easy to find!).  The Freida* skin is very sophisticated, super photo-realistic & reminds me very much of  Beyonce’s & J-Low’s beautiful, goldeny skin tones.  I have matched the skin with the very versatile Chloe Shape @ Curvy Silhouettes Shapes.  Hair is Shag (Project Themeory event -$75 special).  Olive Shirt is Phoenix Rising & Shorts are COCO (part of new Group Gift).  Poses Everglow. See full sexy pic below: 


2 thoughts on “Sexy :Glance: *Freida* Skin (SuperElite Hunt Giftie) + :Shag Hair:

  1. Well I just knew you woldl rock that skin missus far far FARRRRR better than I ever could and yup the hair is really fantastic, will def be wearing it a lot- it is long enough and flexi enough to be fun without straying into the pooferama hair in bust category!

  2. make me die! LOL @ “pooferama hair in bust”…..yeah…that can be a bit of a bind & ruin the overall aim to look “as real as possible”. Many a pic has been dumped for this reason and I suck at PS so tend to rely on good poses of which Fanny Willis makes some of the best @ Everglow. Fanny rocks for sure! But plenty of other super pose makers which reminds me I must finish the Posers Hunt! Hope not too late!

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