Pretty Peepers @ :Ibanez: & :ES Eyes: plus :Garage: & :ByKay Lashes

Lots of pretty way to emphasise your the glowy *Garage* Lashes above (amazing individual prim lashes.  Must have taken ages to create!).  Innocence Dress above is free @ Fandangle Necklace is DECO .  Hair is {fascino}.  Skin Sophie @ Lara Skins.  Shape Chloe @ Curvy Silhouettes Shapes. Pose !Bang .

 Welll…eyes have certainly come a long way since I hit the SL pond and swam around like an omaoebic tadpole (in terms of sophistication that is)…giggles*..Then, I simply regarded eyes as an attachment you had to wear to avoid looking like ET.  Well I am glad to say eyes have also come a long way from the flat glassy attachments of bygone days… now eyes are a real fashion statement!  They gotta look good!  I love eyes and there is certainly a wealth of amazing peepers to choose from.. But I have recently come across two labels which feature eyes that are just a lil different.  First up is *ES Eyes* below.  You get two free eyes but I am featuring the *Shopaholic Brown* eyes cos they are kinda sexy & mysterious. The Lashes below are *Bykay* &  new!  (Incidentally, there are tons of lashes in the new *ByKay* collection).    

Then there are the glittery prim Ibanez Eyes.  … *Ibanez* has generously donated 6 sets of prim eyes for you all to try.  Click on them to edit & make any minor adjustments to fit the socket. 

 Quick post as I need some shut-eye 😉


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