With or Without?

Spot the difference…

I just couldn’t decide whether to include the pic with piercings or without!…I loved both looks equally so there lay the dilemma! However, the  look was created around these fantastic Glasses @ k_gs (Group Gift).  Love them!  They are very similar to my Ted Baker’s which I have had for yonks & miraculously managed NOT to lose thus far (permanently that is..).  They have occasionally gone astray..on the small beach near where I live (buried in the sand by my friend’s toddler), and once disappeared behind the sofa whereupon I spent a demented half an hour looking for them (cos one never thinks to look in the most obvious places first! lol). Anyway, these are “must have” glasses which will give your look an intelligent, edgy feel (hmm..wish it would have the same effect in rl too!…).  The Chiffon “Gooday Sunshine” Dress is @ *Sun Eskimo* ($50 sale).  Beautiful piercings are Mandala, Hair *eha*, Necklace *Ticky Tacky*, gorgeous *Dekade*  Brooke skin @ Dressing Room Blue ($70).  Oriana Shape @ Curvy Silhouettes Shapes.


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