Sexy looks @ :Love Soul: & :LP:

Slight departure from the usual but I rather thought it was time for Xanthe to leave the SL Nunnery and have a little fun with a roll of “masking tape”..giggles..anyone that knows me will be aghast at this naughty shot.  How racey! Hope it doesn’t hurt to remove the tape…  (I cannot imagine anything worse than trying to remove sticky tape from there in rl (especially after a night out on the tiles  heh! :)).   Anyway..I kept the look simple (nothing to detract from this naughty outfit).  The *Devochka* Skirt is *LP* Designs (New!).  Hair 33 is Love Soul (there is a half price sale which ends 23rd July and you may want to have a peek).  I confess I still found the hairs still rather pricey even at half price!  But the hair above was in the Discount section ($60).  Lip skullie @ DIAPOP. Shape is @ Curvy Silhouettes Shapes.  Skin League.  Poses Everglow


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