The Rot @ [SMOTD]

For your dark, defiant moods, *Putrid Gloom* of [SMOTD] creates the perfect dresses so you can escape to your dark, gloomy corner and mope a little (like the *Rot Dress* above)….hopefully not long enough for the cobwebs to take root as per Ms Haversham.  But I guess we all have moments of self-flagellation & gloom that needs expression.  Incidentally, my current state is not one of gloom…I am just thinking about shopping… (in rl thankfully :)).  Heh..currently immerced in the vagaries of making skins in PS…arrgghh..cue hair-pulling…mega jugs of coffee..feeling dumb..and a minor rash erupting on my arm…’s just hard when you are a fusspot about skins as I am..wail*thankfully there is the Beta Grid to test them out before they get unleashed.   

The Rot Dress… is upstairs..Putrid is doing up her shop so choice is limited but I am sure this will not to be for long! Collins Hair is Loq.  Taylor Skin League.  Shape @ Curvy Silhouettes Shapes.  Flower Necklace *JD Designs. Here is close up…Tarantula Spider comes with dress…and is tame..;. Frozen Eyes in Lilac @ Umedama Holic. Poses Everglow. 


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