Fun Shapes on ::Addiction Hunt::

This is Fitness Queen Fleur looking all glamorous in her Gown from Convoitise after her little workout at the Gym earlier…check out that body! Incidently the Convoitose Gown is FREE @ Glance.  You will find a number of free gifts in participating stores to mark International Fashion Week @ Glance  (15th – 18th July).

Naughty Cleo Cupcake doesn’t care so much for excercise and enjoys more than a cupcake or two.  But she still manages to look sexy, cuddly and gorgeous in her Purple  Mini Dress @ SE* Designz (just don’t ask Cleo to bend down to pick up the keys.  You may see more than you bargained for..lolz!).

I do have a picture of Cleo Cupcake surrounded by cupcakes but I am sparing her the indignity of revealing her secret stash of might make you beat a path to the nearest patisterie.  These are fun shapes and are beautiful in their own way plus are unique to the Hunt!   No copy will be sold once hunt ends.  Get both shapes @ Curvy Silhouettes Shapes (look for the brown Needle/Syringe thingie  – join the full hunt here: Addiction Hunt).  Hint is “What’s on the menu?”.  Hair in Pic 1, & 3 is Loq ($50 sale), Skin Taylor @ League.  The Yoga Outfit in Pic 1 is OMFG I love it, Sneakers @  2Real.  Hair in Pic 2 is Mei Ying Hair Hair Solutions. Poses @ Miyoko Magic (on Pro Posers Hunt)


2 thoughts on “Fun Shapes on ::Addiction Hunt::

  1. Awesome piccies Miss X. …..and you sure put the “tease” into Convoitise…/me goes off for a sit down , feeling suddenly faint and hot….

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