::OMFG:: I love it..what a stretch! Arrgggg…

Yes I know..Xanthe makes it look soo easy! If I was to attempt this is rl it would probably result in my hobbling off to the nearest A&E dept (not to mention the lengthy spell with a physiotherapist & some pretty strong prescriptives!)  Heh!  Anywaaaayyys….yoga outfit…well this is the latest casual release from OMFG I Love it. The stretch animation is from ZAW Sports ($10) (omigosh Jan, Elfie & I  had such a giggle testing out the poses, balance beams, gymnastics equipment in our err..ummmm…big shapes.  Jan’s was the funniest…wibbliest & wobbliest shape ever though SL being what it is..she remained as agile and nubile as a pro! lolz!…was soo much fun) Hair is Model freebie in new main store  @W&Y ($1) (Tip:  there are 3 other hairs for $1 PLUS Group gift!).  Skin League.  Yoga matt below if free @ [Kusson] .   Shape is Oriana @ Curvy Silhouettes Shapes.

Phew.. less compromising pose.. 🙂

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