:Madi’s Lingerie Secrets @ Glance (Gifties)

I came across these giftie lingerie sets when I went over to the Glance SIM looking for new skins.  The label is Madi’s Secrets and the designs are rather well made.  The pretty peach tanky & undies version above are perfect  for your chill out moments.  Then we have the rather naughty “risqué” version below for your flirty moments..umm..I prudently covered up the naughty bits cos we don’t know when little prying eyes looking over mummy’s shoulders and well..you can guess the rest of it anyway..:) !  Hair above is eha* , both skins are by  League and pony tail hair below is Group Gift @ {fascino} (heavily edited ie the hat has been shrunk to miniscule proportions and residing somewhere in Xanthe’s cerebrum..giggles*). All poses Everglow.  Oriana Shape @ Curvy Silhouettes Shapes.


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