:Apple May: Skins – Subscribo Gift!

What a generous creator!  Plus I lurrve her clothes!  Again, I must have been asleep on another planet as I was largely unaware of this talented designer until I stumbled upon her Apple May Designs label today.  I am hugely fussy about skins but loved this gift instantly and they work incredibly well with my shapes.  They are soft and sheeny..check out those fab brows! Love all her skins!  You will get at least 8 skins in three tones in the Subscribo (the link should plonk you there..if it doesn’t land you opposite the Subscribo then follow the red beacon on your screen)..look in the History panel and tap 2 & 5.  Apple May also does wonderfully understated clothes such as the *Maddie Skirt in Cadet Green* featured below (scripted for re-sizing).  I have matched it with a White Bikini top from Boom

The Bangles are a previous gift @ Pacadi Jasha.  Necklace free @ Crystal line (scripted for color change).  Hair is an edited version from eha* .  Shape is Oriana (coming soon!) @ Curvy Silhouettes Shapes .  Eyes Poetic Colors.  All poses from the lovely Fanny @ Everglow.


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