::PurpleMoon:: Josephine Gown (Gift!)

If there is a “must have” gown of the season then it is the Josephine Dress @ PurpleMoon. This is Haute Couture styling at its best…a fusion of frills, silk, flowers & lace plus matching hat combine to make this stunning gown which will make you feel altogether glamorous & super stylish! And it is free to all Members of the PurpleMoon VIP Group.  Thank you so much to the lovely Poulet Koenkamp whom I spoke to briefly & instantly liked!  Do take a look around the store…there is a huge selection of beautiful pieces, fur collared jackets, gorgeous dresses (including wedding gowns)..omigosh…really amazing creations.  I am totally enthused because these are the type of designs which make blogging such a pleasure.  See gown in full below: 

Hair is Boon. Skin Taylor @ League & shape Bluebell @ Curvy Silhouettes Shapes.


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