Happy Independence Day from Freddie!

My name is Freddie.  Freddie Bond.  And yes, it is no coincidence..I am 008 (the old man retired with his pipe and slippers some time ago and I have taken over the realms somewhat..but the old chap is still on hand for a little fatherly advice…especially on how to handle all those female admirers!! Man, it is hard!  I am on double martinis on the rocks now just so I can keep up!).   I just dropped by the Oval Office to wish Mr President & you all a very Happy Independence day!  Ditched the old M16 Saville row suit in favor of this comfortable Independence Day Shirt from 22769 (only $5!) .  My shape is CS Shapes for Men (comes mod so you can fiddle though I kinda like it as it is..grins*).  Hair is Jin in Coffee @ Uw. St. Ocean Skin @ !SIGZ.  Leather Jeans are also 22769. Hey…I will be back..just got a call to check out the Alphabet Soup Bazaar!  Have a great day!


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