Who says Redheads can’t wear pink?

Hmmm..well this freckly redhead in her Laq skin likes her New! Paradisis Pink Mignonne Dress (ty Ankhari!), and her “Wish You Were Here” Copper Hair @ Shag (Project Themeory).   Earrings are Mandala.  Those striking gold flecked eyes are Poetic Colors (on the GSH*). Pretty shape is Bluebell @ Curvy Silhouettes Shapes.  All poses Everglow. 

I am slightly out of the loop on blogging front as I have been away and often need a small period of adjustment (primarily I clear up the mountains of N/C’s….hmmm…for some reason they seem multiply ten-fold when you have been away (even for a couple of days)..giggles* ….this is a simple & quick post but am sure I shall be up & running very soon..grins*

I had forgotten that I had taken the pic below for fun.  Hair is {fascino} (heavily edited).


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