::Dimbula Rose:: Bikini & ::LALA Moon:: Hair

This charming little Sailor Bikini is only $30 @ ::Dimbula Rose:: I also thought this was a good way of introducing ::LALA Moon:: Hair shop which creates some of the softest looking, flexiest prim hairs around. They are expensive hairs but good quality.   Please note that the hair looks much better on than the vendor pics would imply!  I promise! :).  Thank to my sweet friend Sui for introducing me to this make. :).  The Silver Garnet Style hair above was Lucky Board win but they have several free hairs that you might like to try. I have used the Emily Shape @ Curvy Silhouettes Shapes for these shots (she is perhaps the curviest shape I have created with a figure more in line with the average English “Bridget Jones” ).  The watch & Glasses are free @ AIKANE. Skin is League. Bare feet *ByKay*. Incidentally, the white ties on bikini bottom are NOT part of the bikini set….my naughty mistake.  Giggles* 🙂


This  lovely Camomile Beach in Japan is great for pics. I am pretty useless in PS & rely on reasonable shots & SL graphics to create my pics.  But this beach made it a real joy. Mmmm…. chill chill :))


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