::Atomic Bambi:: ::KC Hairs:: ::LP Designs::

AtomicSparkle has these wonderful Butterfly Hair Corsages for the Fashion Circus  @ Le Cirque which I have matched with the new LP Designs  Diana Bodysuits.  The corsages come in 4 colours more of which are featured below! ::KC::  Hairs have a sale on at the moment with coloured hair packs @ $15 and fatpacks @ $30.  I am hoping this will not be the end of Niennra Kitsune’s ::KC:: label. Tiers are a huge struggle for creators & there really is only so much one can give away for free given the underlying  pressures… Black nails are JD* Designs.

KC hairs are amazing quality & in lovely textures.  I have only featured 3 hairs but there is such a huge selection to choose from (I am sure it will be pretty hard to decide which ones to get!).  

The Bangles above are $1 on xstreet. Buy here:

I have not slavishly matched the colors of the Atomic Bambi Hair Corsages & the Diana bodysuit.  I thought it would add a little interest to mismatch them a little instead grins*.  Shape is Olivia @ Curvy Silhouettes Shapes.  Skin is League of course.  All poses Everglow


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