Phoenix Rising* Special Gifties

This is just a tiny flavor of what you will find for $1 at Phoenix Rising’s special birthday event.  If you can de-prim & roll up your metaphorical virtual sleeves for a tiny bit of bumping & grinding en mass then you will find a collection of items given the “dollarbie magic”…fab dresses & skirts such as the one above (worn with Izzie’s Fashion is Love Tank Top), a Corset, some goodies in the men’s section reduced too!  I found several items in the chappies section which will come in handy for my boys (i.e. male shapes..giggles*).  I must remember to take my little friend Ben so he can look even more dishy.  Ben is a Graphic Student on holidays at moment so am sure he will want to polish up his look while he has time…it is not true that men don’t care how they look..Ben is a real poser….lolz! Oh skin above is Tuli of course.  Bangles are free @ COCO & CO.  I am sorry I cannot credit the hair as I am waiting to hear back from creator.  The color change menu has gone completely wonky & won’t work.  Possibly a crazy SL glitch but would hate for peeps to be disappointed if they meet with the same problem…

Amy Hair* above is free @ Sugalicious (Tip: there tons of free hair upstairs. This is lovely quality hair!  Ty to Elfie for the tip!).  Bangles are Mandala.  Shape Olivia @ Curvy Silhouettes Shapes.  Skin above & below is League

Bit of a Prom thing going on here I think…:) .  Very pretty though and super sophisticated!


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