Luckiest Static Beauty* Skin & WOE on Mahogany Shape*

I was sent this *Luckiest* Skin @ Static Beauty for review & was pleasantly surprised by how soft yet supremely striking this skin is!  Ty SB! As you know, aside from going to well known brands when looking for natural “oriental style mixed skin” it is actually quite hard to find this style skin beyond the confines of some of the high profile brands.  Static Beauty will hopefully expand this market a little further.  Their Luckiest* skin is lovely..I particularly liked the pretty pale lips offset by the super smudgy dark eyes!  Very sexy!  Arths will be drooling when he sees these pics.  He adores dark skin & pale lips.  Giggles*.   I have used the Mahogany Shape* @ Curvy Silhouettes Shapes and it seem to work nicely.  The fabby Sweater Dress in Violet is new @ WOE.  See fuller view of this dress below.  The Luana Hatted Hair is free @ B.D.R.  Poses Everglow


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