Geeky Burlesque Bride + *Dura* Hair (Group Gift)

Weddings…hmm..giggles*…well I have been to about 5 SL weddings & I think the expression above best summarises how I feel about the “emoters” especially (which usually have me reaching out for a tipple* in rl).  Lolz!  That said..most have been fun & very sweet affairs… so I have been quite happy popping on the bridemaid’s dress on a few of them..awww ;)).    Anyway, this gorgeous & rather saucy *Burlesque Bride* Lingerie Dress is @ Reasonable Desires (doubles up as lingerie of course) & is soo beautifully made I may have trouble prizing it off Miss Xanthe who like a typical SL 1 year old loves her dressing up box!  The *DURA* Hair is an Opening Gift (Free!).  Very cute hair which compliments this look well & shows off the dress perfectly.  The shape is the exotic Mahogany @ Curvy Silhouettes Shapes (see below). In pale skin, this shape takes on a very “girl next door” look. Skin is Taylor @ League.  See more pics below: 

  I used the dark Noir Eyes @ Umedama Holic just to give this “girl next door” an air of mystery.  She looks like she is hot stuff under that demure facade.  Grins*.  Oh & I really like this Dura is extraordinarily “ordinary” which makes it even more attractive!   The Weddding Dress is pretty sexy stuff too…lots of lace, stockings, garters on show balanced by the wonderful overlayed trail at the back.  Awesome stuff! 

The Table is part of a Group Gift @ Infinite (Comes with chair-not shown.  But I hope to soon!),  “Lilies in a Vase” are *chronokit* (also free!).  Poses are the “geek” style @ dfo! .  I am soo glad I bought these ages ago on special off for $50!


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