[Cynful] Denim Jumpsuit + Boon* Hair

Bit of a grungy look but fun (outfit of the day whilst building).  The [Cynful] Denim Jumpsuit can be worn either with the fitted black or white corset ( & whole outfit detailed to perfection as one would expect from Cynthia). This look is pretty casual but super chic!  Shape is the super curvy Olivia @ Curvy Silhoeuttes Shapes.  The fabulous Pink Shaggy “St Bernard’s” style hair (oohh I can’t seeeee!) is by Boon @ The Blue Dressing Room .  Studded Bracelets Ticky Tacky.  Boots @ Kookie. Poses Ravissant & Everglow.  This was a was a quickie post before beddies (strange how you can have an attack of hyper insomnia and as soon as you start doing something constructive the eyes droooop suddenly…giggles*. 

White corseted version below..


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