Lark @ Strawberry Festival

The Hattie Dress above by Lark is just one of the reasonably priced items you will find at the tiny Strawberry Festival featuring a handful of creators including Split Pea, Scribble and La’Lalicious etc.  I like Lark designs – creations are well made and detailed (not to mention easy to wear!).   I took these pics over the weekend but got slightly side tracked with one thing and another…but no matter…the Strawberry Festival runs until 19th June so you have plenty of time to check out the carts ;). Cute goodies on offer.  Lark also has a few nice gifties too!  Find the 2 lovely tank tops near the landing point.  The mouth Strawberry($1) above is from Split Pea which comes with a nice set of “nashers” ie teeth..and look pretty authentic.  Giggles*. Arrgghhh

I love this Hazelnut Lace Sweater seen below..very understated chic :). The black prim Bobo High waisted Pants are LP* Designs.  Ankle Boots @ Kookie. Olive hair in Platinum is Hair Solutions (Group Gift).  Petite shape is Chynna @ Curvy Silhouettes Shapes (New).  Watch is Aikane* (MM Board!).  (There are  also some fabby Lucky Boards at Aikane… plus entire wall of nice freebies:) ) All poses Everglow


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