New Chynna Shape* plus Group Giftie

The Chynna Shape* is pretty, sweet, adorable  yet sophisticated shape.  Dreamy eyes with cute button nose! Comes with customary Style Card*. Find her at Curvy Silhouettes Shapes.  Chynna is named after a lovely school friend whom I lost touch with as we both moved to different continents.  This one is for you Chynna!  Undies are Dimbula Rose and poses Everglow.

There is also a Group Gift (see below).  A few prims were tortured into a contemporary shape to create the Floor Lamps. Both are shadowed & come as Mod.  They are called the Bronze Turner* Lamps cos they are a little kooky! 🙂  (The  Turner Prize in England is awarded to artists  who submit rather unconventional pieces ..some of them are pretty unusual!)  Anyway, it was fun making the Lamps and they can be used both as indoor & outdoor “decorative” pieces.   I used textures from [K.O.] Texture House and the Glass effect is from Monolith Textures.  Ty to both Khan Omizu & CINCERO Ghost for gifting the textures! 


2 thoughts on “New Chynna Shape* plus Group Giftie

  1. This Shape Chynna is beyond sexy its HOT and sweet, and very proportionally right. I don’t think anyone in Sl can do shapes and esp faces and “Real” bodies like curvy silhouettes!

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