Cute skirt @ Endeavor (Subscribo)


This is such a lovely Skirt that I thought it would be a nice way of introducing Endeavor which (although a much smaller shop than it used to be), still has a nice collection of well made pieces.  The Skirt is in the  Subscribo and comes in 2 colours (see the black version below).  You will also get the Artist Paintbrush and Paint Palette from the Subscribo hence the emergence of the “Student Artist” theme. The hatted hair is recognizably Maitreya & so is the Skin @ Tuli.  Finally, the laced Bodice Top is a Group Gift @ Shampooo (lots of Group gifts in store and don’t forget to scoop up the Shooting Stars Gift if you happen to visit the store.  See how to get the Shooting Stars gift in post below).  Boots are Truth (previous Subscribo Gift). 

Black skirt seen in pic below:


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