:Choice gifts on *Shooting Stars Hunt*

Well, if you like hunting but want to take a break from actually scurrying around for the hidden prize (blindly at times in my case lolz!)  then you might like the Shooting Star Hunt*.  It is a much simpler and quite a lot of fun as you scramble together with other hunters  in a heap trying to catch the “shooting stars”. Chuckles*

Firstly, the idea is to find the Shooting Star “particles” and then either walk into them (or be near them so they come to you) then type “/7 catch” into local chat.  You should then receive the gift folder plus the LM to next store. Hard to tell how many shops are participating (20 I think). Well, it seems to have stopped abruptly for me at  Interior Addiction  but I will keep you posted! 

A collection of wonderful Japanese shops have clubbed together for this hunt, notably Scars* Dimbula Rose**,  Zeus*, YunA’s HairZoobong*, Interior Addiction* etc…and (as you would expect from the imaginative Japanese) there a few unusual gifts but many are unisex & very good quality.  Like the Interior Addition multisit Sofa below.  Great sofa!  And the Unisex Scars* tee featured above which I like.  Unisex Glasses are K_gs (group gift).  The candle is a giftie from Solaris Interiors 

I also loved the casual Ronsem bare* Tunic (bottom pic) which I have matched with jeans from DeeTalez. The Ribbon Dango Chan bandana Hair below is {Trico} (Group gift) .  Flipflops are free @ Euclid (opening gift). Shape is Imogen @ Curvy Silhouettes Shapes & Charlize Skin @ KA Designs.  Backdrop textures are [K.O] Texture House.  


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