++LP2++ Sculpted, low prim Group Gifties!

I love this ++LP2++ Interiors Shop ever since I stumbled upon it last week. (NB find the vase at this location!) Ty to Thom for alerting me about the free Bali Bawls*.  ++LP2++ has the most beautiful, glossy, low prim sculpted furniture (both traditional & modern) at very modest prices. The cute *Cat Cushion*, *Sculpted Vase* & *Bali Bawls* featured above are all Group Gifts, & “baked”  so has that realistic “shadowing”.  Great items for adding a little interest to your home/shop.  I really wish this shop great success…it is clear they have worked extremely hard to create really awesome interiors. Incidently, apologies for slightly “showy” pose …. I hadn’t quite realised so much of Xanthe’s *botty* was on show! Lolz!  Anyway, the cute Grunge Dress is also a gift @ Noirilicious, Hair @ Eha* (old Group Gift) and Wedge Shoes @ Kookie (see post below for link). The pose was made for me by the lovely Creamy Cooljoke of Free Style*.  Ty Creamy!


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