Fab Role Optic* Sunglasses! + Free Ibizarre* Bikini & Amacci* Hair!

I love these cool AVORI* shades!..New at Role Optic. Menu driven so you can adjust the size & the intensity of shine of lens/frame etc…The are simply very sexy shades.  Also see the glammy style below (ESCUDA*).  Available for both male/female.  The opacity lens of ESCUDA shades may be adjusted so you can either have them dark or transparent (at differing levels of opacity)…I have Xanthe’s semi-transparent in the pic below so you can see her peepers :)).  

And finally…the Allie bikini is free @ Ibizarre!  Isn’t soo cute? A lovely find by Caren Mcaw (ty for tip Caren!).  There is a lovely giftie dress also so watch this space…

And the cute dark Hair above is free in AMACCI group Notices (search for Group in world or check my Group list).  There is a free hair for guys too which is super cute! Thank you to Carina Larson for being soo generous!

The Ultra Curvy Shape is Jade @ Curvy Silhouettes Shapes (coming soon!). Skin is League.

Not quite Ursula Undress but near enough hehe….


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