Little wanderings….*Starlust* & *LP2* Interiors

I took my little avi off to the Starlust SIM whilst I waited for the spin cycle on the washing machine to complete.  I love this arty, quaint little SIM & had there been a shop vacant I would have rented it on the spot! Not only is it full of cute “birdsong” in the background which makes the overall “wandering” experience more pleasurable, but I love all the creative little shops like *Tomoto* (where the Yellow Tunic top seen above is from) & the Hats & Accessories shop *Un Jour*  (which reminds me..I will need a new hat for Ascot this year..).  But here are lots of little goodies scattered about.  You have to go find them!

Below is my tip for the week for exquiste, low prim furniture,  ++LP2++,which is a cornucopia of top quality, Japanese design & extremely affordable.  Loved it! Couple of stunning gifties, a sculpty plant plus cat cushion.  I will see if I can show it off in next post….right..must hurry off….”helllooooo…” !


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