Quirky Nushru Wayward Hair & LP Dress

One of the things I love about a certain unique band of creators in SL, amongst whom are Aida Ewing of Glam Affair, Nena Janus of League, Missy Mumblewood of Trollywood and Quiver Quintessa of Nushru is that they are soo nice! And despite their success & oodles of talent, they remain sweet, approachable and very likeable.  They always reply to their messages and are respectful &  friendly.  Gorgeous peeps!  Anyway, if you looking for cute & quirky hair you must pop down to Nushru and grab this Red Bowed Wayward* Hair in Coffee!  And I love this Lonita* Dress in Black from LP Design..check out the detailed wrinkling!  Isn’t it fab?  Comes in lots of colours including Purple & Green.  A very flattering dress.  Pose is by Sunflower Poses.  Teen Shape is Poppy @ Curvy Silhouettes Shapes.   Almost forgot…skin is the ever popular Elle @ Belleza (though I am sure you guessed ;)).


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