Introducing Vui* designs!

This gorgeous Gold Lace Dress above is one of many items for sale at VUI for only $50!  (comes in a few sexy shades with little headdress). If you are looking for well made, quality clothes at modest prices then visit VUI.  Clearly, the creator designs for the love of design (and there is something very compelling about that!). She produces a variety of fabby dresses, jumpsuits, ball gowns and various other goodies (mostly for less than $75). Bargain! Pic taken in DownDownDown shop (sells wonderful decorative black trees & grasses & other bits to decorate your home & shop).  Hair is EMO-tions( my fav style at the moment), Skin League, Shape is Poppy @ Curvy Silhouettes Shapes, Pose is Everglow* (a present from Fanny Willis.  Thank you Fanny!).  Finally, the Mayaka Black shoes are @ *ByKay* (very versatile shoes.  I have a slight aversion to prim feet (giggles*) but I find these shoes pretty wearable!).  🙂


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