A bit of a Macabre Affair*

This is such an interesting  *Raven Top Hat* & can be found on the MACABRE HUNT , at the appropriately named DEAD DESIGNS, that I thought it deserved an airing.  (Turn away now if you having dinner!)….Yesh, Xanthe is wearing a torsoless corpse! LOLZ!  Jeepers..yes this hat has it all…raven, creepy tree, & pic of dearly, beloved, deceased Granny…

Anyway, it rather appealed to my dark sense of  humour.  Besides, the creator is clearly talented with great imagination…The cute Kate* Hair is from Gumble Grumble (and only $50!).  Great textures and cheap as chips!  Necklace @ Deco.  Skin Tuli.  Teen Poppy Shape @ Curvy Silhouettes Shapes. Love this shape.

Whoops! Earring missing again! Cross Earrings are Group gift @.  ROZOREGALIA. The Cosaria outfit is from May Soul (lucky board win).  I was largely oblivious to this style of  clothing but they don’t half have some cool stuff there!  (Incidentally the Lilac Eyes are from Umedama Holic in their Group Only 1/2 price sale.  I have used size Large* for extra impact.  Really stunning eyes!).  

Sshhhhh…ghosts about…..

Victorian Shoes @ Juicy . Black Kate Dress @ Vesna


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