A rose is a *Rose Princess*..(Gifties @ *Towa* & Eternity*)

I created this post whilst awaiting my fractured PC to recover following Xanthe’s overkill on piercings & scripted necklaces.  Right now she is stuck in Eternity* (PC crashed about 10 times following fruitless SOS rescue attempts).  Poor Xanthe’s plaintive cries cannot be heard.  Giggles*)  So out came the “mule” (as Lilac calls her alt) from the dusty closet to tell you all about the wonderful collaboration between *Eternity* & *Towa* to create the Rose Princess* (free skin & Dress).  Eternity have the Rose Princess Skin* in their Group Notices & *Towa* likewise has the Pink Rose Princess Dress in their notices!  So there we have it.  A complete Dolly look.  Fabulous.  Now I just gotta work out a way to rescue poor Xanthe (she will be pretty mad if left in Eternity* forevaaaaaa..rofl*).  Shape is Florrie @ Curvy Silhouettes Shapes.  And butterfly Hair is Timeless Angel (camp chair).     


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