*Don’t stop believing* (Journey)

OMG..this song “Don’t Stop Believing” by *Journey* has been swimming round my head all day…thought I would share.  Quite what it has to do with lingerie am not sure!…Touches a core I guess….romantic & poignant song & fab video…my busy little Avi must be having a reflective moment or two.  Love it..grab the tissues… 🙂


Lingerie from Cupacakes “Bake” sale ($50)

*I am just a small town girl..*

Lingerie set below only $10 @ Lingerie Boutique

“Don’t stop believing…hold on to that feeling..”  Wow great lyrics…


~Lingerie (top 3 pics) all @ Cupcakes *Bake Sale* ($50)

~Charcoal Lingerie (bottom pic) @ Lingerie Boutique ($10 May Group Gift) Tip: Find it on table together with April Gift)

~Hair @ EMO-tions

~Imogen Shape @ Curvy Silhouettes Shapes


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