Beautiful Wench @ HopScotch

Wonderfully feminine, maiden style Arwyn Dress @ Hopscotch. Comes in a variety of pastel shades and makes you feel sooo pretty and alluring.  Xanthe wore this to Inspire Park earlier & was immediately chatted up but a sexy looking chappie with an interactive neko tail.  For those unfamiliar with Inspire, it a sort of chill out zone for sensitive souls & largely intellectual & über artistic types with the odd dragon or fairy thrown in..meditating..or floating…flirting etc..giggles*.  Anyway….suffice it to say, I am usually shy about chatting to chappies…but this cool looking avi made a beeline for a bit of flirting as I pirouetted on tiptoe performing the arabesque (they have sweet dances there grins*).  Anyway, I was suddenly overwhelmed by the urge to have a little tug at his interactive tail (how bold!), & tail promptly responded back in Local Chat in terms which included the words “bunny” & “hump”. Omg! Inspire is usually strict about gestures…embarrassing or what!  So made a mad dash out and sent an apology to handsome chap.  He didn’t reply so I guess that’s that.  Hehe;)).  Anyway, I love this look, it needs no jewels or fancy embellishments. Gorgeously simple and sexy look.  Full length pic below..


~Arwyn Dress in Orange @ HopScotch (New!)

~Skin @ Tuli

~Imogen Shape @ Curvy Sihouettes Shapes (New!)

~Hair @ EMO-tions

~Brown Flats @ TY Zvezda


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