Cute Babydoll Dresses

This Babydoll Dress by SHOEN was a gift from my wonderful friend Elfie who is thoughtful & considerate & always on the lookout for pretty dresses & lingerie which she knows I love. Thank you Elfie!  Being English  I am not prone to overt displays of sentimentality but Elfie sweetie, life in SL would be soooo dull without you!  Elfie & I have the same strict &  pragmatic views governing our rules of conduct in SL.  Friendship,  a sense of humour and appreciation of the ridiculous & most importantly, avoidance of anything that would cause hurt & pain to anyone including ourselves.  So lots of giggles, chattering, shopping & making friends is what we enjoy best.  Oh btw Elfie, I am not singing your praises just cos you have a hideous pic of me in the most horrendous shape* (which I put on incidentally for a “laff”) & which may now be used for the purposes on blackmail….rofl!  Crumbs…(Elfie won’t show me this pic but lets just say it is a terrifying prospect  were is ever leaked!)…lolz! 😉

I digress..babydoll dresses…love them..Oh incidently, Mr Bad Froggie continues puff away on his ciggie like a chimney despite his Nicorette patch which he says keeps slipping off (perhaps I ought to pass him the talc bottle lolz!)

Lastly a pretty dress donated to me today by Elimiah Designs.  Ty!  Cute dress & scripted for resizing…

Aren’t these dresses just soo pretty?!  Roll on summer I say… 😉


* Pic 1

~Babydoll dress @ SCHOEN

~Skin @ KA Designs

~Abigail Shape @ Curvy Silhouettes Shapes

~ Hair @ Hair & Hair

~Balloon @   Frog’s Trop  (Free!)

~Brown Ballet Pumps @  TZ Zvedza    (Project Themeory Event)

* Pic 2

~Betty Lynn Dress @ GATO  (Project Themeory Event)

~ Goodbye Norma Jean Skin @ Strumpet (Project Themeory Event)

~ Mr Bad Frog Balloon @   Frog’s trop (Free- see above)

Pic 3

~PulpTurquoise Dress @ Elimiah Designs

Other bits:

~Backdrop Textures @ [K.O.] Texure House

~Ladybird Glasses @Nushru


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