More Hot Mood*!

Hey, this wonderful set of “Dotty Tank/Shortie Set” @ Hot Mood might have been blogged before..but who cares! I love them.  What a fabby find in my virtual wardrobe!  Thank you David! Anyway, I seem to have momentarily gone bonkers over this label..giggles*.  Little sip of wine and I even attempted a bit of layering….just to illustrate the “hottie” colours available. all I have to do is go begging David for a fabby set of slinky mini dresses that I saw in his shop earlier.  Man, they are gorgeous!  Who says the Deutsches/Englisches vibe ist tot?  hehe.    Daaaviddd……..runs over empty shopping bag in hand* lolz! Model Pose is the ever wonderful Everglow. Shape Eleanor (on special) @ Curvy Silhouettes Shapes.


3 thoughts on “More Hot Mood*!

  1. Aww man…thanks Lisa & Arths! Lubbs ya both! yeah I was a tiny bit “tiddly” when I edited the shots and layering can be a pain but was pleased at result. I will get better I promice! lol. Thanks again for your lovely comments which are always nice to read. And Lisa go to David’s will love his smexy clothes! Hugzxxxxxxxx

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