Am studying! Check out the Group Gifts at GRASP* tho!

These scripted Bracelets from the new Japanese Store GRASP look equally good on a studious young Lolita and a geek (I love them!).  Grasp have great Group Gifts which I haven’t been able to show in full here, and include a scripted muffler (unisex), earrings & the bracelets featured above. The label sells fantastic casual wear and I am definitely saving up my lindens for a good shopping spree!  The cute updo is by JD Designs (with option of adding little flower accessories, and hair diamonds..well cute!).  The Skybox is a real favorite from :::DESiGN iT YOURSELF::: which sells Japanicon Asian Inspired skyboxes and houses.  Please see post below.  Other props are the little pillow & Wine Tray from NOTSoBAD (previous subscribo gifts).  See other credits below including the full choice of Group Gifts from Grasp!  Shape is the new, sweet Abigail Shape* from ::Curvy Silhouettes Shapes::.


~Bracelets @ GRASP (UNISEX> New! Group Gifts! See more below)

~Skybox @ :::DESiGN iT YoURSELF::: ($100)

~Updo Hair @ JD Designs (New!)

~Abigail Shape @ ::Curvy Silhouettes Shapes:: (New!)

~Skin @ League

~Grey Top (part of Sweater Dress) @ Ayumi

~Glasses @ Solar Eyewear

~Skinny Jeans in Indigo~by OMFG @ KA Designs

Please note I inadvertently left stockings on with the jeans but loved the look of “lingerie as outerwear” which I believe is the current “fashion de jour” giggles* :))

 Pose from Everglow.

Full set of Group Gifts @ GASP below.  Plus check out the details of the forthcoming Hunt there too!



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