Lolita style Shape* gone a bit “wild”….

This pretty, pouty, cheeky Abigail shape* @ ::Curvy Silhouettes Shapes:: is a “Lolita style” shape with lots of softness in the face & irresistable curves! Girly, yet womanly & great for those who love a burlesque style that is both innocent looking & yet deliciously sexy! Pack includes a special shape for system skirts* plus Style Card for that naughty Lolita magic :).    The lingerie set was a gift from my lovely friend Elfie who has great taste! The idea for this shape was inspired by my friend LisaM who combines a lovely, sweet personality with an incredible *saucy* side! :). Poses are by Everglow (fantastic model poses often featured on this blog!)


5 thoughts on “Lolita style Shape* gone a bit “wild”….

  1. hola
    i’m so pleased that i saw this page. that post was so great. thanks again i bookmarked this website.
    are you planning to post similar articles?

    1. Oh Hi WinWin! What a lovely thing to say! And thank you soo much! I tend to blog what I find interesting & stuff that catches my eye. So every post different. All fun though! Grins* Hugzzzzzzzz

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