Gorgeous Dress @ SD Wears (B’day Giftie!)

This is such a lovely dress am I am sure it will feature a lot on the blogosphere.  I love it and I expect it will become a favorite.  The flexi skirt is super cute.  I couldn’t decide which pics to include so have shown back view too!  The backdrop texture is from the lovely Khan Omizu @ [K.O.] Framelight Texture House.  Flooring is by You Axelbrad which are free @ ::DESiGN iT YoURSELF::. You get a palette of wood textures in the building opposite rezz area.  See post below,  re: skyboxes. 


~Dress @ SD Wears (Free!)

~Misty Skin @ League

~Abigail Shape @ ::Curvy Silhouettes Shapes:: (Coming soon!)

~Brownhazel Boots @ Pacadi (closing down sale)

~Hair @ Shag

~Backdrop Texture (Golden  Brown “In the Shadows Range”) @ [K.O.] Framelight Texture House

~Flooring Texture @ :::DESiGN iT YoURSELF:: (Free!)

~Bangles @ Mandala (Free!)


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