Hot Pre-fabby news!..Gorgeous Japanicon Skyboxes & Houses!

When Elfie showed me these wonderful, stylish modern Japanican Asian Inspired PreFab Skyboxes & Houses @ ::DESiGN iT YoURSELF (DI.Y)I was stunned by the sheer beauty of them. And only $100 -$300 with more designs coming soon! Absolute bargain! And a great place to relax and chill.  Prims range around 64 to approx 192 (depending on size).  In the skybox/house you will find many low prim items like plants, vases etc which have reduced the prim count considerably.  One would expect a far greater prim count given the exquiste detail involved.   

 The most stunning features are of course the exquiste textures which look hand drawn and have this realistic “light streaming through the window” effect (patches of glow) which are just beautiful.  The work & detail that have gone into these builds are awe inspiring.  In truth, these pics can only reflect a little of the colour & beauty…I would definately urge you to check them out onsite (you can rezz each and every one!!).  This creator deserves recognition for all his hard work. And the prices are so low I bought a few builds!  TIP:  The build come Copy/Mod.  Do link the decorative items to build before removing. The outfit is from KUSH, Cap Hair from W&Y.  See credits below. A bit thank you to Elfie & Drew for this tip!


~Japanican Skyboxes & Houses @ ::DESiGN iT YoURSELF:: ($100-$350)

~Skin @ KA Designs (in sale)

~Shape @ Curvy Silhouettes Shapes

~Cap Hair @ W&Y(Lucky Chair)

~Weekend Outfit @ KUSH (New!)


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