Chrizzzzzzpy Style @ Cynful

I am always pleased when the postman arrives with a package from Cynthia Ultsch @ Cynful.  It is one of these labels that you know whatever new designs pop up, they will be understated, stylish & completely wearable! The Gracieness Tank & ChrizzpyJeans above are simple enough (complete with amusing titles..I must get someone to translate “Chryzzbyness” but I assume it means sizzling.. grins*).  Anyway..simply put her stuff is good! The kind of clothes you throw on without having to think to much & therefore likely become firm favorites. The shirt & cuffed jeans come in several soft muted tones with the option of a vest peeping through.  The gamie hair is a freebie & so are the bangles.  Lamp in background is Morantique.  See credits below. 

Cuffed jeans a little saucy but fun :))

whoops, dropped the ciggie 🙂


~Graziness Shirt & CryzzpyJeans @ Cynful

~HazelBrown Ankel Boots @ Pacadi  (closing down sale item)

~Bangles @ Pacadi (Free! Subscribo)

~Strawberry hair @ EHA (Free!)

~Skin @ KA

~Tallullah Shape @ ::Curvy Silhouettes Shapes:: (New!)

~Lamp @ Morantique


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