ooh Eris!…KA style…

Quick postie as I seem to be overwhelmed with a checklist of rather dull chores to do (yawn*) so this is a welcome relief for a few minutes… There is a great skin sale @ KA! You will find a huge collection of skins reduced to $200 each & fatpacks of $500 (there are all stunning!).  These are one of the highest quality skins you will find in SL & the work Kira puts into her craft is tremendous.  I met Kira once when I first embarked on blogging but was too shy to ask her for a copy (and Iwas a mere novice at the time so she probably didn’t want to let her skins loose on me lolz!).  Nevertheless I wore her Charlize skin to death & it is still one of by favorite skins in all it’s natural & bushy browed beauty. I bought Eris today as it is such a pretty skin plus I love those sophisticated lips! (comes in 3 tones and tons of styles).  Bandana hair is a group gift from Trico which I love for it’s casual uniqueness. Anti-bully pink tank is by BdN, shape Tallullah @ :Curvy Silhouettes Shapes:: (coming soon!)


~Eris Skin @ KA Designs ((In sale $500 per pack)

~Tallullah Shape @ ::Curvy Silhouettes Shapes (coming soon!)

~Bandana hair @ Trico (Group Gift)

~”Bullies Tear Down Friends Build Up”  Pink Top @ BdR


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