Tallulah’s cute look for weekend @ Shag, Kookie, JD & *TW*..

Choosing my weekend look has been tough, not least cos there are so many superb offers out there!  First we had the Dressing Room* event where I scooped up a few goodies..and now the Project Themeory* event featuring my favorite hair designer, Shag*…sigh..decisions decisions…anyway I opted for a little in the mix look.  Oh and I created a new shape yesturday (Tallulah* & I am hoping to release her this weekend.  A pretty, pouty, long legged shape which looks great in the Leafy Skin* above).  This look is fun with layers of 70’s & 80’s and perhaps even 60’s if you look closely at the braided hair!  Anyway, hope you can catch the remainder of these two events…both have gorgeous creations to see you into spring. 


~Hair @ Shag (Project Themeory)

~Fire Skin@ Leafy (Free! Lucky Chair)

~Onyx Sequin Dress @ Trollywood

~Wedges @ Kookie (Fifty Linden Friday)

~Beaded floral Necklace @ bangles @ JD Design (love their designs!)

~Stockings @ Cynful (Free!)

~Tallulah Shape @ ::Curvy Silhouettes Shapes:: (Coming Soon!)


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