Cyber Dolly* @ Yabusaka Winged Staff*

This beautiful, scripted winged Staff by Yabusaka could easily be described as a work of art!  Words escape me but it is clear that a huge amount of patience & skill has gone into creating this extraordinary & unique sculpty. The Staff is menu driven with a choice of stunning colours (silver, blue, white gold a “full bright” option so you can control the glow).   Yabusaka Loon donated this Staff for review recently & I confess I played with different looks though none seemed right. However, the idea of Cyber Dolly* came to me when I put on this outfit together today & somehow the Staff just fitted in really well!    Thank you to the lovely Yabusaka Loon for letting me have this amazing piece.  I LOVE it! 

More pics below seen with the Tallulah Shape & Cyber Punk Skin: 

The gorgeous Cyber Punk Skin is from WDB and pretty Pinky Top @ Atomic & fabby Spring Bloom Hair @ Shag (you can purchase both for a song on the Themeory Project*).  The tall, pretty Tallulah Shape @ ::Curvy Silhouettes Shapes:: to be released this weekend, a copy of which will sent to the first 20 members in the ::Curvy Silhouettes Shapes:: Group who spot the 2 little minor errors in the pics & contact me via IM…:))).  My lovely friend Elfie spotted them but I thought it might be fun to see if others do too! 


~Scripted Winged Staff @ Yabusaka

~Jelena Cyber Punk Skin @ WDB (on MM)

~Tallulah Shape @ ::Curvy Silhouettes Shapes:: (Coming soon!)

~Pinky Top @ Atomic ($75 Special on Themeory Project)

~Spring Bloom Hair with Lily* Corsage @ Shag ($75 Special Themeory Project)

~Silver Gogo Boots @ Kakaue

~Eyti Bangles @ Pacadi ( Free! in Subscribo)


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