*Yabusaka* innovative *Personalised Alphabet Pendant Necklace* (review)

As soon as I told my friend SB about this fantastic, (unisex) scripted Pendant Alphabet Necklace from Yabusaka which allows you to personalise it with your name etc, she insisted on getting one straightaway with the full intention of giving it her own brand of labelling i.e. sl*t..lolz!  However, I have gone for the safer alternative of  “Xanthe” :).  This is seriously clever stuff. The necklace even has an option to play music!  You can change the lettering to suit your mood..(I shall look forward to the moment when I feel like being little “Miss Minx” hehe).  Head to the Yabu SIM where you will also find lots of clever sculpty items attached to  boots,  sandles & jewellery….and if you are looking for Viewer 2 Make-up there are beautiful high quality make-up layers for sale.  Check this link for details:  http://yabusaka.blogspot.com/.

Complete look below:


~Scripted Alphabet Pendant Necklace @ YABUSAKA New!

~Hat-hair @ CriCri Beauty Salon (Free! Lucky Board). Nice Hair with menu driven options for colour change & on/off corsage

~Misty Skin @ League

~Florrie Shape @ Curvy Silhouettes Shapes (Tip: 2 free shapes in Store for JFG Hunt & April Showers Hunt)

~Skirt & Belt @ R.icielli (New! Group Gift)

~White Corset @ Orquidea


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