Indiana Jones meet Steampunk (MHOH3 #138 & #178)

Fuller view of Indiana:

Man, I LOVE this outfit which, for me,  is very reminiscent of the much loved *Indiana Jones* (with a slight steampunk edge hehe), & albeit clean &  freshly laundered (unlike the battered, sweaty body of the former adventurist & general slayer of troublesome characters usually bearing thick European accents). (Whoops…no offence intended lolz!). 

The Outfit:  Now ever since I met Paco Pooley of 22769 Casual Couture I have been raving about his stuff!  I was so thrilled he joined the MHOH3.  Paco & his pals create the most super sculpty steampunk style outfits in very nice muted, colours. Here, I have teamed his wonderful MHOH3 Cowboy Indiana Jones style* outfit with a Fur Jacket (also available at 22769!). Paco’s shop is in the midst of a makeover but you should be able to find both the hunt item & the Fur Jacket* (not included in Hunt) with ease. 

The shape: is the wonderful Tristian Shape*( MHOH3 #138)  @  CS Shapes for Men (part of Curvy Silhouettes Shapes).  Now if Tristian were real I would have tried to marry him cos he looks bl**dy gorgeous!  But I have to contend with sharing him. Grins*. Tristian remains wickedly single & up for grabs on the MHOH3. Hubba hubba*.  Mod version available to buy if you like to fiddle with shapes.  One of the things I do with shapes is make them unique & distinguishable.  I can spot my noses & shapes a mile off which I confess I spend hours fiddling with till I am happy. Hope you enjoy :). Skin is by Redgrave (Cruz) & the Work Boots are Magi Take. Hair is Dexter @ Bryce.


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