Pretty Sophie Shape for JFTG Hunt*

I love hunts & ::Curvy Silhouettes Shapes:: is delighted to be part of the girlie exclusive “Just for The Girls Hunt” (sponsored by WOE) which is running alongside the wonderful MHOH3.  Having both hunts running parallell is a fantastic way of exploring yet a another fabby plethora of shops (I usually do the MHO Hunt with young  Ben who he is man enough to do the girl hunt with me too!).  It’s also a great way of meeting new peeps. And you never know who you might encounter while looking for your little pink fedora ..some cute chappie perhaps with a sense of humour & twinkle in his eye? I used to particularly like hunting in a “pack” (being a bit dippy I would invariably lose all sense of direction & find myself going around in circles..arrrggghhh! So it was veryhandy to tag along with a few seasoned hunters not least cos it was soo much fun!  Continuing on the English theme, I thought you might like this Liz Hurley lookie-likie Sophie Shape* created especially for  the JFTH.   I have always loved Liz’s look which is  quintessentially English & natural.  I imagine Liz would look great in anything really…an old sack even..sigh :). Thankfully it’s SL and you can get this look at the click of a button as Sophie comes with a Style card*! Grins* 

Btw, at ::Curvy Silhouettes Shapes::  you are looking for a “pink fedora hat“.  The Hint is “I love all things oriental” .  Good luck!  🙂


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