Eloise Shape* (exclusive to April Showers Hunt!)

How could ::Curvy Silhouettes Shapes:: possibly not join the April Showers Hunt! The theme is very apt.  As you know the English have a habit of discussing the weather ad nauseum given any opportunity.  It may be just our way of saying *hello* (without appearing like a mad stalker). Or we use it to fill in awkward pauses in a conversation or as a digression (like when the dreaded in-laws arrive en mass to disrupt your peaceful existence & you want to appear welcoming even if it is through gritted teeth..hehe). Or we may start rabbitting on about the weather when we feel terribly uncomfortable about something (like when we encounter someone who has their flies undone (this is usually accompanied with a half grin & an embarrassed look upwards while we commentting observingly on the grey clouds above..lolz!).  Omg I have yet to tell someone that their flies are undone (in case they wonder why I was looking there in the first place..lolz!).  Now those accustomed to all year sunshine may not appreciate this quirky obsession…but it is also a great ice breaker while queuing to pay (which is what the English do 99% of their spare time)… Anyway……less about the weather cos in fact it is lovely & sunny in my neck of the woods (finally!).   And this sweet girlie shape was created for the April Showers Hunt and comes with a Style card*. A unique shape to run through the rain hand in hand with your beau grins*

At ::Curvy Silhouettes Shapes:: for the April Showers Hunt , you are looking for a Raindrop. Hint “Modelling..all that glitters is not gold“. 🙂


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